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Edvard Nielsen

Expansive Artist 

Edvard Nielsen (of Danish and Spanish families) is an artist born and established in the CDMX. His academic work is supported by a trajectory of twenty three years in various areas of exercise such as fashion, graphic design, industrial design, interior design, trend analysis and cool hunting, advertising and marketing, biochemical engineering, ontological and business coaching; as well as advanced studies in Kabbalah and other practices towards the development of personal and spiritual awareness. Formed in private in the plastic arts since childhood and remaining captive for decades, finally we can now know his artistic proposal. At the same time, he is educated at IPN, UAM (2000) and graduated at Jannette Klein University (2003) at CDMX and FD-Moda (2009) in Barcelona, ​​where he studied his illustration in contemporary illustration and defined his characteristic style. Nielsen works with multiple disciplines connecting and disconnecting the limits of human reasoning to construct multiple thresholds and reflective spaces about human consciousness and its relation to the cosmos. Nielsen has participated in national and international exhibitions and has so far made a solo exhibition at the Museum of the Centro Cultural Mexiquense BICENTENARIO of the State of Mexico (2017-2018) presenting a large-format collection entitled Los 33. The most relevant group exhibitions they include the Sebastián Foundation, Oscar Román Gallery, Vía Libre Espacio Gallery, Agua Fuerte Gallery, Hermenegildo Sosa Gallery and the Club de Industriales in CDMX, as well as the Oviedo Art Fair, CERVANTES6 Art Space and Bango Gallery in Asturias, Spain. He has participated in auctions that support social causes. His work is already present in private collections. Nielsen has taught academia for a decade, encouraging new generations to be potential creators, designers and illustrators; He gives lectures in various universities and forums that deal with conceptual design and fashion as an artistic expression. He is also an evaluator in labor competence within the industry. Creative director of national firms and consultant on productive and commercial processes. He has been the creative director of his own design firm since 2007. He is currently venturing into the art of tattooing under the Black Work style in the recent dynamic of New Contemporary, whose proposal is that plastic artists reproduce their works on the skin. Among his most recent projects, Nielsen takes up Expansive Art through digital media, 3d, animation and rendering, merging diverse expressions, venturing into the field of the New Era of NFT´s Art and 3d ArtWear and ScreenFashion; experimenting, recognizing and evidencing through his speeches the various realities that are generated in the Metaverse, a space where we can increasingly enjoy his artistic proposal. In conclusion, we present a multidisciplinary artist who works with mixed media. Always experimenting and evolving his artistic proposal with the slogan of creating beauty to transform the passive state of spaces, thoughts and conscious moods.

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