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Artist´s Statement

Edvard Nielsen has always been interested in phenomena and processes about the evolution of human consciousness. Questioning on what to experience the simultaneous existence of the various convergent planes. From the spiritual technologies of all times, quantum laws and hypotheses, hermetic sciences, alchemy, numerology, divine geometry, astronomy, metaphysics, ontology, shamanism, kabbalah to astrobiology and astrophysics of our was; Nielsen investigates, questions, reflects and puts into practice this theoretical framework, exercising its manifestos in search of evidence that finally serves to create new portals, revealing from personal vivid evidence such knowledge with a sublime and contemplative perspective. The random nature of the physical, the rational and the ethereal of the beings, the codes, the languages, the vibrations, the tone and the decoding of their messages, expressed and quoted are both open and expansive. Together the lineages as their creator calls them, or series of illustrations, paintings, drawings, assemblies, textiles, murals, photographs, collages and sculptures among other artistic disciplines that are mixed and reinvented directly with their respective modern digital constructions; manifesting the broad cosmogony of Nielsen's ancient, current and future learning; conforming a fresh and stylized contemporary look to the history of spiritual, magical, figurative and universal neo-surreal art.

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