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How much will a tattoo cost?

For a price quotation, please send in a booking request. Find out how to make one under "booking". There is no obligation to make any reservations after we quote the client a price. 

​Our tattoos have a minimum charge of 200 USD. The price will depend on the size and details of the client's tattoo. We do not charge by the hour.


How do I make a booking?

Find out how to make a booking request under "booking"


What's the difference between a booking request and a reservation slot?

A booking request is made by clients and is the first point of contact between the two parties. Find out how to make a booking request under "booking".

Clients will only receive a reservation slot after the design, date and time has been confirmed and agreed upon by both tattooist and client.


Why did you not reply to my enquiry?

We're only human and humbly seek your understanding that we will not be able to reply to every enquiry for each booking slot. Please resubmit another request at the next opening.

Is there a deposit?

A non-refundable deposit of 100 USD is required for any reservations. This deposit is strictly non-refundable.

Will you touch-up my tattoo for free?

The prices we quote for reservations excludes the cost of touch-ups. However, not all tattoos require touch-ups. We charge 50 USD per-session for touch-ups of all sizes for the cost of materials (new set of needles and ink).

What if I want to change my design after I've gotten my reservation slot?

A proposed change in design is subject to the tattooist's agreement and a 50 USD fee is applicable for a request to change the design.

Is your studio clean?

We regularly disinfect our studio and adhere to strict hygiene standards. Photographs of our studio can be found on our Instagram story highlights.

What sort of materials do you use? Are they clean?

All needles, grips, ink-caps and bedspreads are one-time use only. We currently use Radiant inks, Dynamic inks, SorryMom tattoo process and Saniderm to heal and protect new tattoos, all these products which are all made in the United States of America (USA) and European Union (EU). Please do check the manufacturer's website for allergy and vegan concerns.

What do I do in the case of an allergic reaction?

In the case of an allergic reaction, please see a doctor. There is no way for a tattoo artist to test if their clients are allergic to tattoo ink. The doctor should prescribe an antihistamine or antibiotic to reduce itching and other allergy symptoms.

Will fine-line tattoos fade or smudge?

Ultra-fine line tattoos may fade during healing. All skin types heal and absorb tattoo ink different. If the client expects computer-precise line thickness, we would not recommend for them to get a line-only tattoo.

Do you do wrist, hand, finger and feet tattoos?

The location of the tattoo is subject to the tattooist's agreement. We generally do not do tattoos on these areas as they fade and smudge easily on these areas. Past clients have returned to us several times for touch-ups and they were charged per-session accordingly.

I do not like the design you proposed and would like it exactly like or more like the reference picture I sent to you. What can be done?

Here at Edvard Nielsen as Nielsen Tat, we pride ourselves on unique designs that cannot be found anywhere else. All tattoos are done in Nielsen Tat's style and will not replicate another tattooist's work.

However, we understand that not all clients see the same beauty in our designs and will not push clients to proceed with the tattoo should they be unsatisfied with the design.

Will you proof-read my tattoos for me?

Clients are responsible for ensuring that all spelling and symbols are correct and accurate when the stencil is laid on their body. We encourage clients to do thorough checks on the accuracy of their tattoos before we proceed with tattooing. We will gladly help to photograph areas that are difficult to see in the mirror.

The tattooist is not a translator and cannot guarantee the spelling or meaning of words and symbols chosen by the client.


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