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Before sending in a booking request, please read the conditions and faqs first.  

1. Refer to available month and waiting time (available under Instagram story highlights).

2. Send a message text with the following information to contact.

  • Full name

  • Whatsapp number

  • Design/Details (for birthday flower, please provide date of birth)

  • Size (in centimeters)

  • Colour (black, grey or subtle colours)

  • Placement (location on body, left or right side)

  • Reference pictures

  • Available dates (weekday, weekend, or both)

  • Yes/No, I'm okay/not okay with receiving Whatsapp calls for a faster booking process.

  • Yes/No, I have/have not read the conditions and faqs on Edvard Nielsen's website and agree to them. 

3. After receiving the client's booking request, we will contact them. 

4. After confirming the client's booking request, they will hold a reservation slot for a tattoo.

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